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In our current times, digital marketing is very present in news and articles related to the business world and especially entrepreneurship. Therefore, in order to understand and get the most out of a digital marketing agency, it is fundamental to understand the meaning of digital marketing.

First, take a look at both words on their own. “Marketing” refers to the action of exchanging products and services with the purpose of gaining a profit. However, as a discipline, it is a set of techniques and knowledge. It is also related to the term “advertising”, but they’re not the same. Advertising is just a specific action of promoting.

Now in the twenty-first century, the word “digital” points out any electronic device that has a screen, one or many speakers or headphones, and Internet access through WiFi or satellite connection, such as LTE or 3G for mobile phones.

ABC Digital Agency | Digital Agency Marketing | Learn More About Digital Marketing

ABC Digital Agency | Digital Agency Marketing | Learn More About Digital Marketing

Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and even smartwatches are some examples of these digital devices. They are the main medium for world communication in this generation. People in any part of the world can connect in real-time with one of these devices and an Internet connection.


What is a Digital Marketing Agency and what does it do?

Digital marketing, according to what we have already said, is the action of sharing and making visible any service or product to the biggest amount of people possible via a digital device as a channel. This is a revolution comparable to the invention of the press, the radio, or the TV, but this doesn’t mean that it will replace them. Although traditional media definitely falls back to paid media when measuring audience, effectiveness, and costs.

Thanks to this, a digital marketing agency has become a very powerful tool for any entrepreneur. An accomplishment that would have been unimaginable 20 years ago.

When talking about digital marketing, many other concepts come out. They are needed to properly understand the reach of such a new kind of marketing. Particularly when so many international brands are already part of it and take a big percentage of sales. Of course, they have learned to invest in their digital campaigns and keep advertising online every day, twenty-four seven.


The utility of social media

Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram serve not only to share information among friends and families. They are also useful as a way for commercial brands to interact with their customers and produce a community of satisfied clients. A good community will feel a huge power to give their opinion no matter if it’s positive or negative. In any case, this power will also strengthen the brand’s image.

Finally, digital marketing is a mix of creativity, design, and sales strategy. Its value is measured by the number of visits and views that its content generates, as well as subscriptions and, very importantly, likes. A lot of value found all along with the different social media platforms that will improve profits and clients at the same time. These are the benefits that distinguish a digital marketing agency from the rest of the marketing.

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