4 Strategic Keys of Content Marketing to Improve Your Campaigns

4 Strategic Keys of Content Marketing to Improve Your Campaigns

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Incredibly, we are almost halfway through 2021, and there is still confusion about what Content Marketing is and is not. When planning a strategy, many elements must be considered, which is perhaps one of the most important.

Before starting, we will define what it’s not. First of all, it’s not copywriting. While it’s true that it’s necessary to include creative writing, copywriting is just one more complement to many others.

In this sense, we shouldn’t confuse it with the concept of Inbound Marketing either. According to HubSpot (a platform with great authority on this topic), this methodology is defined as a process composed of four steps: attract, convert, close, and delight.

So what is Content Marketing?

We could define Content Marketing as a strategic solution to a strategic problem. The critical point in this is that the target audience you want to reach must be very well defined.

The ways of publication are various. We can communicate with our audience through blogs, podcasts, infographics, or email marketing, implementing a content generation process considering the distribution channels and measuring the performance of each of them.

Now that we have explained it to you, we are going to show you four strategic principles for your content marketing campaigns:

1) Segment the target audience: this is the first thing you should do. Understanding your ideal client’s needs will help you determine which content is most relevant to your users.

2) You must determine the ideal content for each segment: as we saw, the content and formats are closely linked depending on the audience to whom it is directed.

Both the way of publication and what we want to communicate must be considered when you are sending your messages.

3) Create original content: there is no definitive method to solve this point. But you can take two paths: create your content from scratch or take other publications and curate them.

4) Get the content to the segments: without doing a good search engine optimization (SEO) exercise, your content marketing strategy will be of no use.

Content Marketing is a trend that continues to grow day by day. To find out what else you can achieve with it, contact us!


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