The Future of Advertising and Marketing

The Future of Advertising and Marketing

Many things have to change since 2020. Many companies lived in a lot of challenging situations. Some were structural and economical. They lived an abrupt change that no one could predict. Advertising and marketing also did the same at the same time.

No one could imagine what would happen with the pandemic. We have to add that digital marketing was already going through a change process for some time.

In this way, we will share with you a forecast about what this industry holds.

Less is more

Innovative brands will have to choose a “quality” model over a “quantity” one. This is how those who reduce the amount of information in a smaller number of better quality publications will obtain more valuable interactions.

In other words, it will not be so important to publish a lot of content. Possibly, it will be best to restructure previously published content (only if they proved to have been helpful).


Search engines, starting with Google, will be stricter in their ranking of results. Positioning content through advertising and marketing will not be straightforward.

All web pages should be mobile-friendly in the future, and their download times should be much faster. Added to this, sponsored content should have much more value and respond to user needs.

Personalization will be essential

One-to-one advertising and marketing will increase considerably. Meanwhile, personalization strategies will become increasingly important. Properly targeted social media ads will play a central role in this game. Do you know that the email open rate began to rise steadily since customization with HTML was implemented? All of it contributes to the user experience, which, as it continues to increase, the higher your conversions will be.

Finally, perhaps the most essential prediction: micro-targeting and segmentation will increase substantially. It’s very probably that the size of the audiences will be reduced, this will help us quickly reach the right audience and be able to more easily determine our buyer person.

All these possibilities should open up a wide range of situations for which we will have to be prepared. ABC Digital is an agency specialized in advertising and marketing. Keep reading to learn more about our services. Contact Us!


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