5 Common Mistakes Of Google Ads Campaigns | Digital Marketing

5 Common Mistakes Of Google Ads Campaigns | Digital Marketing

Advertising through Google is one of the most efficient ways to get to new potential customers. But if you don’t do it correctly, it could be a massive waste of money without your brand’s benefit. Here we show you five common mistakes of Google Ads campaigns that you must always avoid.

1. The wrong Keywords

Non-experienced advertisers think that they will get more clicks on their page if their ads appear everywhere; this is incorrect. To have good Google Ads Campaigns, you have to design a list of keywords with all the search terms that could lead to your product purchase.

If you have too generic words, your ads will appear in many searches but won’t have the results you expect.

2. Measure your objectives

Many think that an objective is just saying, “I want to sell more.”This is wrong, you need to have clear objectives that can be measurable, relevant, achievable, and realistic. An example of a good objective for Google Ads Campaigns is “I want to increase the traffic in my landing pages by 20%”.

3. Don´t forget the landing page

To get good results out of your campaign, you need to have an optimal landing page. If not, all the clicks you may get from your ads will be lost because customers won’t continue making a purchase.

If you want to optimize your page, you can check our guide on Google’s Core Web Vitals and how to use them.

4. Segment your audience

One of the most common mistakes on Google Ads Campaigns is not doing a correct audience segmentation. Identifying your audience’s characteristics like age, language, gender, interests, or location allows you to create different segments for your ads and design the perfect strategy for each of them.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Every campaign is different because audiences are constantly changing how they interact with brands. One successful strategy won´t be the key to every other campaign that you make in the future. You need to be ready to test every ad that you create, see how it works, and evaluate why it’s effective or not.

Creating the perfect Google Ads Campaigns may look very difficult for someone inexperienced. Luckily, at ABC Digital Agency, we are experts on digital advertising, and we can design the perfect strategy for you and your business. Contact us right now and see how your sales will grow in a matter of time.


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