Do You Know These Social Media Analytics Tools?

Do You Know These Social Media Analytics Tools?

Indeed you wonder how you can improve your company’s growth and why everyone talks about social media analytics tools. If you have used social networks or are planning to do so, we recommend reading this article! This will be very useful to beat the competition!

Don’t feel lost! It happens to many of us that we don’t even know what metrics we should focus on. This is our main mistake. UPS!

Social media analytics show you where to go and how to achieve it. That’s why some essential steps and tools will make your life so much easier! But let’s see, let’s stop for a moment.

What is the most important reason for studying the results of our social media marketing campaign? The most important reason is that your campaigns’ Insights will show you what works with your brand and to improve in each area. And even if you think you already know everything, most of the time you will get pleasant surprises and other times very unexpected ones. Interesting, right?

What Is Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics tools are software used to evaluate and assess our social media performance. These tools are designed specifically to gather and analyze data produced by social media sites and apps for a better understanding of them.

A social media agency always uses these kinds of tools to create and develop unique social media strategies. They help us know how much it’s going to cost our campaign, which social media suits us, and our target audience.

Now we tell you three necessary social media analytics tools so that you can use them!

  1. Hootsuite Analytics: It will show you clicks, comments, reach, shares, video views, video reach. Also, it has easy-to-read graphs, tables, and KPI summaries.
  2. Google Analytics: Analytics intelligence gives you customized reports, bounce rate, it’s free, easy integration with other platforms, and most of all, analyzes your content.
  3. Sprout Social: Gathers together data like Facebook Page impressions, Twitter link clicks, measures Instagram follower growth, studies LinkedIn engagement, and much more. It organizes your data with presentation-ready reports.

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