7 Trends For Pandemic E-commerce on 2021

7 Trends For Pandemic E-commerce on 2021

The pandemic faced new challenges for merchants and consumers as well. Just as physical stores planned their seasonal changes by renovating the windows, in e-commerce, other technologies began to be renewed to improve the experience of searching, viewing, buying, shipping, and paying for products and services.

Although the massiveness reached by e-commerce has not yet reached its ceiling, and there is still too much to implement, we will show you the actions that you can start to take to get on the shock wave of e-commerce in 2021

How to get the most out of e-commerce:

1) Social Live Commerce: Instagram gave the kickoff. It happened in October 2020. They diagnosed a great use of it to advertise the sale of one kind of product. Those that didn’t have the added value of facilitating the purchase. In this sense, they added the option “buy”, through Instagram TV. Next month, it added up the reels. With this, they will be able to extend the window of goods and services to be offered by its users.

2) Sustainable e-commerce: In 2020, the purchase of products and services with social or environmental impact was increased in the middle of the pandemic. Analysts no longer see it as fashion. All companies are adopting that to adapt their offer of goods and services.

3) Re-commerce: the pandemic also increased online sales of used products, especially in the clothing and footwear sector.

4) Artificial Intelligence: the secret is to improve the user experience in a more personalized and assertive way based on data. Decathlon, a brand that sells and distributes sports products in Europe, increased its sales by 10.7%.
It was all thanks to the “Retail Rocket” tool.

5) Voice-commerce: In the case of buyers aged 18 to 34, 17% made purchases through smart speakers in 2020, and 15% used them again to order the same acquisition. The best known is the case of Alexa.

Today, the competition is based on analyzing and understanding the strategies implemented by big corporations. Contact us so that we can advise you and make your e-commerce sales grow online!


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