ABC Digital, The Best Inbound Marketing Agency

ABC Digital, The Best Inbound Marketing Agency

Since years ago, companies have traditionally used marketing. With this, we mean every action taken to sell a product in a direct form. This method usually implements advertising on radio, television, and printed posters. However, all of these actions and strategies might result in invasive and not very profitable for a company. Because of that, it is fundamental to have the advice of an inbound marketing agency, like ABC Digital. They have the tools to mix non-intrusive advertising with traditional marketing and so gain a big advantage for your enterprise.


For you to learn more about the work done by an agency specialized in inbound marketing, we are going to explain everything you need to know about this new strategy. Let’s get into it.


What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a set of non-intrusive techniques that have the objective to make customers voluntarily come to your brand. This is achieved through valuable content that informs, entertains, or interests them. Thanks to this method you can guide the user from the beginning to the final process of purchase. Its main benefits are:


  • Valuable content for the audience
  • Low cost
  • More traffic into your website
  • Better branding and more visibility
  • Measurable results
  • It builds a buyer persona
  • Opposite to traditional marketing, inbound marketing doesn’t feel invasive
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Bidirectional communication with customers


The Process of Inbound Marketing

For Inbound Marketing to work at its best, an Inbound Marketing Agency has to follow a 4 step process. In each of them, the agency implements different strategies along the course of the customer’s buying process.



The first step for an inbound marketing agency is always to bring in potential customers. This is made using interesting content on different platforms such as blogs and social media. Here, strategies of social media, SEO, SEM, and PPC are important to generate traffic to your website.



The next thing we need is to turn the traffic we’ve generated into potential customers and clients by using leads. Each report for the company’s database reports can be obtained by sharing valuable content, offers, land pages, ebooks, webinars, and inquiries that receive the customer’s information. Obviously with their permission!



Now that we’ve gathered information, in this phase of inbound marketing we look to turn selling opportunities (leads) into successful sales. I this step it is very important to build a closer relationship with your customers. This means answering their doubts and questions, giving excellent customer service, and finally close the transaction properly.


Some tools that inbound marketing agencies use for this purpose are Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Scoring.



The last step of inbound marketing is to keep customers happy to build loyalty and interaction through relevant information and useful content that they will find interesting. If we do this properly, customers will be the ones promoting our products and will become ambassadors of our brand.


Outbound or Inbound Marketing: Which is Best for Me?

We have to keep in mind that outbound marketing also exists. This one is defined as any strategy that directly promotes a product or service. Basically, one could compare it to the traditional marketing found in radio, television, and printed media. However, this kind of strategy has a high cost and may bother consumers for being intrusive or invasive.

After all, the main goal of inbound marketing is to make customers feel interested without feeling invaded.


An Option for an Inbound Marketing Agency

ABC Digital is an Inbound Marketing Agency that has a team of experts in the many disciplines required to develop this particular strategy: Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO & SEM, Content Creation, and many more.


Some of the benefits that your company will gain by using the services of ABC Digital are:

  • Strengthening your brand’s presence online
  • Increasing sales and closing business and partnerships thanks to customer service
  • Great and intelligent quality content focused on each of your customers
  • Creating a database of your own with your customer’s and company’s information
  • Efficiently increasing the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Real-time effective and precise measurements of results
  • Increasing trust thanks to friendly communication
  • Increase traffic on your website


This and many more are the advantages that your company will obtain from working with ABC Digital. We lead digital marketing.


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