Do You Know What Google Ads Is? | ABC Digital

Do You Know What Google Ads Is? | ABC Digital

Big traditional communication media, such as television, radio, and printed media, require a lot of budgets if you want to advertise your products or services on them. However, thanks to the Internet Era, search engines online and marketing agencies, like ABC Digital have arrived at a new kind of advertising for brands to get to the masses. We are specifically talking about Google Ads.


What are Google Ads?

It is an online advertising system whose property belongs to Google, the search online engine. Here, your website or social media will be announced at the top of the first page of a given search. Previously this received the name of Google Adwords.


How does it work?

Google Ads places your web platform on the first page of the search engine. Usually at the top results or at visible spots of the search page, so that users can easily access it. It shows up almost immediately when a keyword triggers your campaign. This way you only pay for results, not for visibility. This method is called a Pay per Click system (PPC).


If you don’t have the best positioning in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) within the Google engine, or if you just can’t wait to optimize visits on your webpage, Google Ads is the right option for you.


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