I use Social Media Analytics, therefore I exist

I use Social Media Analytics, therefore I exist

Social media analytics is as important as the development of valuable content, a consistent digital strategy and designs that make others envy. But, what is worth measuring and what is not? Our task today is to tell you about how you can take advantage of these social media analytics tools to improve your brand proposal, month by month.

Why is the result of social media so important to measure?

We understand that the main objective of social media is making your brand known, promoting and selling, but… How do you know when you are on the right track?

There is specific content that works better than other for your audience, as well as publication times, hashtag or posts formats. Unless you have a memory as a disciple of Plato, it is almost impossible for you to remember the figures with the results and their comparison with the previous month, semester or year.

With the information resulting from social media analytics, you will not only be able to run from the strategy that works the least and replace it with the one that, according to the figures provided by the measurements, drives your users crazy. You will also optimize time and energy, better understand the interests of your audience and consolidate your awareness.

Which kpi ‘s matter?

Not all KPI (Key Performance Indicators) matter, it depends on what you are looking for in the results, and what you prefer to know for improving your social media.

According to social media

Just as you adapt your publications according to each medium, social media analytics must also do it.

Measuring them separately will allow you to segment the content and optimize it according to the characteristics of each platform.

According to posts

How do you know which posts perform better than others? The much coveted engagement must also be present in your social media analytics to know with what type of content your users interact best, and with which they do not react even when they are bored.

According to hourly frequency

Not all hours work the same way to post. This depends on many factors: age, gender or city of origin of your users.

For this reason, we recommend that you also measure the schedule of your postos, to know at what time of the day your audience is present on social media, position your content with a greater advantage than the competition and make your engagement walk with the clouds.

Now that you are clear about why it is so important to carry out your social media analytics, do you already know how it went in your posts today?


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