Social Media Communication: What Challenges Does It Entail?

Social Media Communication: What Challenges Does It Entail?

Nowadays, Social Media Communication changes at the same speed as light. According to a study carried out, more than 4,000 million people use Social Media, of which about 3,200 million are currently active users.

This not only influences the way we relate and communicate with each other. Companies are also facing digital transformations. Users are not only stimulated through communication on Social Media; trends also influence what we consume or stop consuming.


If Social Media Communication mutate, you mutate with it

Social Media Communication mutates, we already know. But, the users too?

In a Digital World, trends change in the blink of an eye. Conversations force us to keep up to date to see what is being talked about during the day and if our brand deserves, get on the same boat. Why? If our content is referential to what is happening, we will interact directly with our audience.

It’s like the relationship we would have with a friend. Couldn’t you talk hours and hours about the most mediatic events of the day? This interaction with your audience will allow better positioning of your brand and greater visibility of the content.

On the other hand, each Social Media Communication has its own rules. Just as Facebook plays with an algorithm that benefits paid campaigns, Instagram rewards the channels that most use the stories and reel tools, as well as the tweet threads on Twitter.

Discovering the language of each one makes the difference!

Whoever tells the best story on Social Media wins

What do you want to say? To whom? One of the biggest challenges for companies is that they do not know how to adapt communication to the public that is communicating. Perhaps the writing is good but too long for the type of Social Media Communication, or too informal for others.

If you do not know where your audience is, it is like talking to the wall: you will not receive any responses. That is why, to start your path of recognition, you must investigate how those who have the best results in this area count. We are talking about those brands whose engagement rate goes through the roof.

But, don’t worry! Do not despair. You can try different forms of writing, which adapt to each Social Media Communication. This way, you will find which one brings you closer to your marketing mission.

Do not forget that for this it is essential to measure your results periodically.


Befriend organic reach

Paying advertising campaigns on social media has its advantage: audience segmentation. But reality shows another side. With valuable, attractive, and eye-catching content you can achieve the viralization of your brand.

Developing content that organically reaches the widest possible audience is a key exercise in knowing what your audience likes or dislikes. Knowing where to put your eye on Social Media Communication is trial and error. Before paying, you should know that it works naturally to position yourself.

Once you have a perfect handle on adapting content to each social media and the content that works for each one, you are ready to invest in its reach.

Do not give your audience the check

This is not about being present on social media throughout the day, it is about being attentive at the right time to answer questions or queries that may arise from users.

What are those moments? After publishing content, it is recommended to stay connected for the next two hours.  Keep in mind that it is essential for your audience that you show interest in their uncertainties, in addition to being a conditioner to achieve or not the purchase or subscription objective.

Reply to their comments, react to their stories or posts, reply to messages. This active listening package defines who you are to your potential clients.

Your employees: the best message delivery

It is still debatable whether or not it is positive that your employees have social media and share referential content. The answer is yes!

If your employees show a feeling of belonging and want to share it, it benefits your brand! Not only will other people view the content and investigate who you are. They will also want to be part of the team and promote the values ​​that define you.

An excellent internal communication point is the implementation of a solid digital culture in companies at all levels.

The reality is that there are still many companies that do not take advantage of the benefits of improving their strategy in Social Media Communication. If there were proposals that you still do not include in your digital strategy, it is not too late!

Remember that at ABCW Digital we have a team of experts in social media marketing, and we can develop a plan according to your needs. We accompany you in achieving your goals! Contact us.


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