Ecommerce and digital marketing: the key to success in online sales

Ecommerce and digital marketing: the key to success in online sales

Ecommerce is the purchase and sale of products through the internet, such as social networks and other websites. Originally, the term applies to conducting transactions through electronic means, such as electronic data interchange.

With the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, the concept of selling network services came to light. The form of payment was electronic ways such as credit cards. Since then, all businesses have shown interest in staying at the forefront and offering what the world is demanding today.

Electronic commerce and the way we connect to the Internet are constantly changing. The year 2020 was the year of the Internet of Things (IoT), the concept of 5G, live data transmission and, obviously, the new concept of ecommerce began to be established.

At the same time, people saw a great window in this new way of making business. It was the perfect opportunity to start entrepreneurship and have your own digital business in which you could easily succeed. The key was that ecommerce could not impose barriers or borders: the target was no longer limited to geographical space.

Internet presence vs online sales

As new opportunities arose, new challenges also arose. Traditional commerce was intimately linked to simply offering a product that was placed in a market. With this new modality that emerged, creativity began to gain weight. It was also necessary to offer a value proposition that could make a difference. The stage was defined and the ecommerce competitors were more and more.

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When the Internet consolidated as a mass communication medium in the world, most of the companies had already taken care of creating an institutional website. What they wanted to try with this was to complement their work with some (until then, traditional) marketing activities. For example: providing additional information about the products and promoting the company.

That was the first step that started the path of what we know today as ecommerce. It seems incredible, but some businesses still refuse to provide information about the products they offer. The objective, according to them, is to induce website visitors to communicate with the company through traditional means: telephone calls, visits to their premises, or any way of contacting the client. In this way, Google would enter the game.

Then Google appeared

Until then, people and companies offered their products and services online without advertising as we know it today. Some only had a landing page and others simply offered details of their work and a contact channel. Social media was not yet ready to go into action.

In 1996, Larry Page and Sergéi Brin created a search engine called Google. In its origins, it didn’t have advertising, but the success it had and the need to finance itself, led to the creation of Google Adwords (in October 2000). Time passed and by 2018 it began to be called Google Ads, the main ally of ecommerce.

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In this way, Google waived its initial policy of remaining a completely ad-free search engine. The point of this on all existing search engines was to demonstrate the financial independence of the SERPs. In this way, it would also be possible to achieve the highest loading speed on its pages, which until then, was purely organic.

This is how the concepts and payment mechanisms that currently govern both search engines and social media emerged.

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

From that moment, digital advertising agencies jumped into action. The different ways of exposing products and services to a new (and growing) market consolidated and took the form of digital strategy.

Traditional commerce, now transformed into ecommerce, and old marketing techniques, renewed as digital marketing, became an undisputed tandem that considerably modified and improved the way of buying and selling.

Advertising agencies, today, adopted various forms of work. Each one is as good and different as the other.

Here are some tips to start developing your ecommerce marketing strategy:

1)    Define the necessary KPIs: KPIs are an essential element in your strategy since they measure the level of scope of a process indicating its performance. By viewing the indicators on your dashboard, you will be able to evaluate the viability of achieving the set objectives.

2)   Optimize the loading speed of your website: There is no greater despair than to be browsing between the products of an ecommerce when the page loading is slow. Although there is no optimal charging time, the recommendation is to not exceed more than two seconds. To find out which elements are slowing yours, you can do a speed test using the Pagespeed or Pingdom tools.

3)   Identify the Buyer Person: Creating a representation with the greatest amount of information of your ideal client will help you to know who to turn at to define how to execute your action plan. To create the profiles of your Buyer Person you will need to carry out an exhaustive investigation to know the personal context, their online behavior, and their relationship with the brand. In this way, you will optimize resources and your actions will focus directly on your ideal client.

4)   Write SEO for the search engines: A fundamental piece of advice is to know how to make a good selection of keywords and identify the most important keywords. To do this, analyze your competition to check which words position your pages and be able to work to overcome them. Knowing your audience will help you when planning a direct strategy in which to offer them the content (worked as strategic content) they are looking for. In this way, you will be able to attract qualified traffic to your website through accessible Keywords.

Let’s get started!

Ecommerce is not something static, it is a mode of commerce that changes with the advance of time and technology. In the same way, digital marketing does. Carrying out a strategic digital marketing campaign for your online store is not an easy task. At ABC Digital we have a multidisciplinary team that will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Contact us!


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