From SEO to CEO

From SEO to CEO

If at the time of reading this article you are feeling your stomach tickle and you want to start progressing in your career, you are in the right place. Get comfortable and relax, you are about to change the way you see your business. Do you know what SEO means? Don’t worry, we will explain it to you. Do you know how you can become CEO? Here you will find the answer.

The CEO of a company is, indisputably, a person with a solid academic background. Usually, too, he has extensive experience in executive positions. But most importantly: he is a highly educated person, concerned with progressing in wisdom and experience.

His knowledge is put into practice at all times to offer to those who need it, at the time they need it. Same as in SEO.

No one will ever reach the highest positions in any aspect if he does not give the best of himself in detail. It’s, without a doubt, a very long road full of obstacles.

Here there will be no financial intervention that makes easy the way. On the contrary, it will be necessary to launch all possible organic efforts to achieve the objectives.

What does the CEO mean for the enterprise?

A good CEO came to his position, among other things, because he managed to be a good communicator. His argumentative skills were truly remarkable. They managed to predispose all those who needed their service at some point to listen to it. As we’ll see below, SEO works in an incredibly similar way.

So what does CEO mean for the enterprise? The acronym C.E.O. stands for Chief Executive Officer. From this definition, we can say that the figure of the CEO exists only in companies that already have a considerably large size. For this reason, we must separate the founder of the company from the CEO of the same.

Beyond the fact that they can often be the same person, generally, the founder is the one who had the business idea, and the CEO is the one who has the cognitive resources necessary to carry that business forward. The CEO knows things and knows how to say them.

His path was built on sharing what he knew. He allowed that every time someone needed something, they had it available in great detail. Ask yourself this: who is the person, within your company, who most times survived the “trial and error”? Who is the most knowledgeable there?

SEO works the same way. It is about using the necessary resources to make the necessary data available in the appropriate way, and that we will see below.

What does SEO mean for the internet?

SEO, if you think about it, works the same way. Technically it is defined as “Search Engine Optimization“, and we could abound in technicalities that could be perfectly defined on the Internet. But let’s think about it further.

Okay, it is about organically positioning websites on the internet. The main idea is that search engines (like Google) place the websites worked in the first positions. But how was that achieved?

Everything is a matter of knowledge and strategies. Behind the scenes of SEO is all about a conversation with search engines. It’s about knowing how to say “Hey! I have here what you are looking for, and you can find it in this way and under these conditions”.

Knowing how to carry out a good organic positioning tactic is knowing all the technical and non-technical mechanisms with which you can “talk” to the internet. In other words: it’s about knowing the aspects beyond traditional programming, which indirectly implies having some basic programming knowledge

There are many ways of doing it. And it’s something that has no end. We are saying that good SEO management implies knowing how to speak to search engines and correctly offer them the content and meta-content they need.

At this point, the similarities between CEO and SEO are clear. Both are essential to carry out the objectives of their respective environments. Of course, their tasks are not easy.

The work of a CEO, as we said, is often linked to business, administrative, and sometimes financial issues. And, obviously, the handling of SEO points in another direction, to put it in some way, merely structural.

SEO management

A website, like a business, has objectives and structures. Maybe your task is to sell, get potential customers, inform, or it can be anything. We are going to give this a name: generate conversions.

A conversion consists of getting the user browsing your website to take an action. Whatever you have proposed.

When defining your goals, you have surely mapped out a path to follow. And your website is a fundamental piece of your strategy. That is why ranking it in the highest places of search engines should be considered a must. You can do it in many ways. But the organic way, the SEO, is inescapable. You will have to do a lot of implementations both within your site and externally. These are some of them:

1)    Domain

2)    URL structure

3)    Rich strategic content

4)    Infrastructure

5)    Content optimization

6)    Pure indexing

7)    Social media management

8)    Linkbuilding

9)    Local SEO

10)  Authority

Neither the CEO of a company nor the SEO implementations of a website are simple tasks. In both cases the road is long and, as we said, it is usually full of obstacles.

But the main comparison is obvious: they both know the “what”, and their job is to carry out the “how”. Their functions are indispensable and the success or failure of the company will depend on the quality of both.

In other words, without SEO, the company will not be considered by the public. And without a CEO, it will not be able to function. It’s time for you to start professionalizing yourself to begin your path as CEO, leave the rest to us.

If you want your company to start having relevance on the internet, SEO will be our job. What are you waiting for to contact us? The moment is now!


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