Social Media: How Do I Organize The Content Calendar?

Social Media: How Do I Organize The Content Calendar?

How do you develop the content strategy of your social media? Do you think and upload the content on the same day? The organization makes life easier, and this includes your digital strategy. We tell you how to organize the day-to-day life of your content and through which platforms.

Calendar… The starting point.

It not only locates you in space and time, organizing your publications on the calendar is just as important as the meetings of the day. In general, community managers develop content a month before to get scheduled. Come up with the idea, find or design the image and write the copywriting. Once the grid is armed, you can program the posts to be uploaded automatically.

For which platform is it suitable?

You can schedule your content through Google Calendar, Excel, Word, or even in a notebook. The important thing is to organize the information so that you know exactly what you have to publish when that day arrives.

What content to publish?

There is no magic recipe that allows you to create valuable content for your social media. If you don’t know what to post, you can guide yourself with the ephemeris of the month according to your market niche. Investigating what the competition is doing to see your buyer persona’s interests is also an option.

Ideas are not always going to come up when you are in front of the computer; they may come when you are traveling, having dinner, or while getting a bat. We suggest that you always carry a notepad with you to check the ideas that have appeared and use them when setting your calendar.

I already have the content. What now?

Once you have the full calendar, it’s time to set a day and time for it.  Manually uploading posts is just as dangerous as choosing what to post at the last minute. Remember that we are human beings, and as such, we can forget our commitments and more if it is about our social media.

The great news is that you can program for free through platforms such as Facebook Creator Studio, Hootsuite, or WordPress.

By scheduling your social media content, you will save more time to occupy yourself with the digital strategy of your business. Remember that valuable content will allow you to better position your brand, achieving more significant engagement with your audience by being linked to their interests.

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