How Can a Full-service Digital Marketing Agency Help You Increase Your Sales?

How Can a Full-service Digital Marketing Agency Help You Increase Your Sales?

You have a business in mind. You have the supplies, you established your sales channels, and you probably need a few employees. Everything up to here sounds great. But you are forgetting a key factor: have you thought about how to place your product on the market? It’s time to contact a full-service digital marketing agency.

Having a strongly established online presence is not just a matter of posting on social media and having a landing page. While these are important issues, the total integrity of your business cannot (and should not) be 100% under your responsibility. Logically, your participation in all processes is important, but some things are better left in the hands of specialists.

All marketing agencies are different, they do not all work in the same way or target the same specific sector. But this is not the case with a full-service digital marketing agency. This type of agency offers a different comprehensive result for the business needs of each company.

According to Forbes magazine, this is the year that digital marketing spending in the United States alone will reach $120 million. All companies, no matter their size, spent a considerable amount of money over time to install their product on the market. But they didn’t do it systematically and at the same time.

It took almost five years, from the establishment of Facebook and Google as the undisputed leaders of digital advertising, for common guidelines and a way forward for all those who wanted to show themselves to the public through the Internet. This is how the concept of a full-service digital marketing agency emerged.

What is a full-service digital marketing agency?

A full-service digital marketing agency will provide your business with all the tools available on the Internet to achieve the best marketing and advertising results. But his work has a bonus.

The journey that your business will travel from the first minute of life (professionally speaking) will have an integrated digital strategy. This strategy will be perfectly detailed and designed to carry out the previously agreed processes according to the objectives that your business has set out to achieve.

As we said, each advertising agency is different and has different ways of doing its job. But the fundamental services that they must offer are the following:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Analytics

Before starting to explain what are the benefits of having the services of each of these areas, we are going to establish the differences between a traditional (or niche) marketing agency and a full-service digital marketing agency.

The main difference between the two is that the niche ad agency, unlike the full-service agency, will deeply specialize in one or two services. This difference opens the door to an analysis that must be crucial to the life of your business. Which of the two should I choose?

The answer, generally, is in the lifetime of your company. Possibly you have a business that has already been running for several years and you have decided to open your horizons to the digital world a short time ago. Or maybe your idea has not yet seen the light. In any case, the answer is clear.

Full service or specialized services?

Agencies that offer specialized services are extremely useful for one reason: they live and operate in a specific area of ​​work. If 80% of your target audience is moving on a particular social network, for example, Facebook, then hiring a specialized agency could work well.

On the other hand, a full-service digital marketing agency will give you more possibilities.The biggest benefit is that you will have every service at the same time, allowing every area to work together. These benefits are as follows:

1)    Your brand can go viral, it will have more presence and will be accessible through multiple channels at the same time.

2)    You will have more and better positioning, either through organic or paid search.

3)    You will have email marketing services, so you can make very specific segmentations within the audience you are targeting.

4)    You will develop all kinds of strategies:

  1. UX / UI strategy
  2. Content strategy
  3. SEO strategy
  4. SEM strategy
  5. Social Media Strategy

Disadvantages of not centralizing strategies

All these procedures will be fruitless if they are not connected on a central axis that directs the objectives. Carrying out these tasks without having developed a pattern of action will inevitably lead to the appearance of several gaps that will have to be covered in some way.

A full-service digital marketing agency will have people capable of carrying out these tasks. With them you will get a mobile-friendly interactive web design, you will develop better email marketing workflows, you will improve your SEO and content marketing strategy, among other things.

In a short time you will discover that, in a way, you will have multiple agencies working alongside you in your business. This is how you will be safe from a fragmented approach to marketing. Otherwise, you would develop disjointed messages, your brand would be fractured, and, ultimately, you would lose business opportunities.

You need strategies and solutions. A digital marketing agency will accompany you full-time to provide you with what you need. Let’s show you an example: nowadays, all companies seek to find their niche and be leaders in it. It seems like a long and complicated task, but with an advertising agency, all the processes that you must carry out will be simplified thanks to its extensive gamification. That’s what it’s all about: you will have several agencies working for you at the same time.

As you already know, at ABC Digital we have all the necessary services for you to start participating in the market. We have many professionals in different areas and they are all ready to create or improve your campaigns. You just must contact us!


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