How to Define Your Brand’s Tone of Voice?

How to Define Your Brand’s Tone of Voice?

When we speak about ways to charm a target audience, some traits like a brand’s tone of voice may seem subtle while hiding an excellent seduction power. This is a powerful reason to have adequate Planning and knowledge of a brand. There are vital factors that depend on language when trying to accomplish significant communicational tasks. For example, to promote a brand’s identity, generate customer loyalty, and enhance discourses and proposals. Our brand’s tone of voice should support values that make each product and service special.

What does a Brand’s Tone of Voice Really mean?

Think about your brand as if it is about to acquire the qualities of someone´s voice. First, imagine the rhythm It has. Is it accelerated, paused, or medium? Does this voice remind you of a particular place? Now let’s speak about the volume: high or low? How soft, raspy, energetic, or weak is the modulation of each word? A voice tone in a brand leads us to understand the intention and importance of every communicational piece.

You might not imagine this yet. But you have likely hated or loved specific video announcements, even if you haven’t seen any images. As humans, our brain is used to environmental and social signs. We often judge a message just by the way it is presented to us. That’s why a brand’s tone of voice is so important!

This bias also happens when we are reading or seeing social media posts. Even though we do not hear a whisper or a scream, we can still get a specific feeling.

When a brand gets the right voice, the tone is like someone familiar is speaking directly to us in a way that stimulates a deep connection.

What should I consider to set the tone of my brand’s voice?

First, you need to consider the aspects and values of the brand that you want to highlight. You can start choosing specific keywords and elements representing your products or services’ essence in the second instance. Also, you must consider which ones to avoid. The third step is to consider how you communicate and the background of the messages that your brand wants to offer.

The tone of voice of a brand is also related to the specific purpose of the communicative materials that it generates. For example, imagine that you have a youth clothing store, and you must create two social network posts: in one, you will announce a new hiring campaign to attract the proper sales force. And in another post, you will advertise a fashion show that will be hosted in a month. As a brand communication specialist, you may keep many constant elements such as colors, fonts, and even some words. But you indeed have to change some aspects in order to have a successful online exposure.

How do I use this information to attract customers?

The way we communicate with people is closely related to the words we decide to use. For example, a pharmaceutical company needs to build trust in its business discourse. A brand of sports shoes must generate agile and dynamic communication. When your brand’s tone of voice is correct, it helps you reach the audience you want. Plus, it makes every message you want to convey clear and consistent, which leads you on the right path to achieve your branding goals.


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